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Here we have provided several (free!) resources to help you understand the mortgage process and answer some frequently asked questions.  

Remember these are just a starting point. Contact us at any time if you have further questions or want to discuss your situation.

The Perfect Loan Process

One of the things that makes the Jay Dacey Mortgage Team unique is the implementation of the Perfect Loan Process.

Hall of Fame Loan Originator Tim Braheem, who is Jay's mentor, coach and friend, came up with this system when he was originating, and we’ve adopted and refined over the years.

The idea behind it is best compared to a 4X100 meter relay race.

You see, a 4x100 relay team is faster than the fastest 400-meter runner because they are
running shorter distances. The goal of the relay team is to keep the baton moving forward and never dropping the baton or have it go backwards.

The loan process has four “legs” to it as well: Loan structuring/origination, disclosing,
processing and underwriting.

On our team, Jay runs the first leg of the race. He is a master of the financial markets and
follows them closely. In addition, he uses his life experiences as a first-time buyer, move-up buyer, home renovator, investor, husband and father to take his life experiences and put them to work to advise you on the best option for your scenario to help you reach your long-term financial goals.

Once his job is done, Madeline will disclose the file and go through the loan estimate and pass the baton to Rachel, our transaction coordinator.

She will ensure your income, asset and credit documents are in order and will also handle
ordering the title work, appraisal and work with your insurance agent to get those items set up.

The baton is then processed to Shannon to get your file approved with underwriting and get you to the closing table on time and well-informed with as little stress as possible.

That, in a nutshell is our “Perfect Loan Process,” and our team is incredibly fast and efficient at simplifying the process for you.

Major DO's and DONT's when applying for a mortgage

I'm buying my first home and don't know where to start!?

What documents will I need?

What makes up my credit score?

I currently own my home and want to buy a new home without having to sell first. How does that work?

I just moved, but now I need to update my address. Where do I start?

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